Who Are Members

Who are Scholars, Fellows, and Advisors?
Scholars, Fellows, and Advisors are subject matter experts who have joined our operating committees and strategic internal discussion forums.

Who are Members?
Members are individuals actively interested in listening in and participating in discussions on animal protection matters. They are able to dialogue with a like-minded community, inclusive of our resident experts of Scholars, Fellows, and Advisors. Members are vetted, including showing proof of community, experience in the field, otherwise vested interest, and collegial nature.

Becoming a Member
Members can apply via our registration form. All potential members will be vetted, asked to accept Terms and Conditions, and are subject to status review at any time.

Open Forums

The Brooks Institute hosts various discussion forums, internally and outward-facing. The Forums are meant to serve as a collaborative discussion resource for professionals interested in networking and sharing information or resources with other persons in animal protection, animal law, animal policy, and related interdisciplinary fields.

The Brooks Animal Matters Professionals forum is accepting applications for new members. New forum members will be added only after recommendation by another member or vetting to confirm identity as an active or emeritus allied 'professional' in the animal protection community.